Thrive Apprentice v2.2.8 – WordPress Course and Lesson Plugin
WP version: 4.x + 5.x :: Demo link:

Everything You Need to Build Professional Online Courses, Straight Out Of the Box

Creating professional online courses should not be too complicated, costly or time consuming. And then Thrive Apprentice comes to the rescue – a powerful plug-in of the lesson constructor. The experience should be more like assembling flat packaging, craft furniture – simple, quick to set up and impressive results for your guests. Just follow the step-by-step installation procedure to create awesome online tutorials, chapters and modules with a quick design by a professional web developer.

For your students, subscribers, and customers, the Thrive Apprentice learning environment is intuitive to use, visually appealing, and professional — exactly what students expect from modern online learning.

Use any combination of text, images, videos, and design elements to easily teach whole courses online to your students with ease and clarity.

How to make the “NULLED” version if you have already updated the plugin.

Open the file\thrive-dashboard\classes\Product\LicenseManager.php

if ( empty( $this->license_data ) ) {
return false;

Change to:

if ( empty( $this->license_data ) ) {
return true;

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